Yesterday, Megan wrote eloquently about how pointless and divisive it is to blame African Americans for the passage of California's Proposition 8. And even though the Mormon Church pumped an estimated $22 million into the Yes on 8 campaign, it is worth noting that not every Mormon supported it either. Babble linked to a blog called Feminist Mormon Housewives, a site populated by women who write about mentoring gay teens and being incredibly disillusioned and depressed by what they believe is the hypocrisy of their church.You might wonder why these women remain Mormons, when they disagree with so much of what others see as fundamental to the church. A blogger called "The Faithful Dissident" tries to explain:

I know that some of you out there are going through the same sort of struggles as I am. Perhaps you’re tired of having to constantly defend your personal political convictions to other Mormons. Perhaps you’ve had it up to here with the whole Prop 8 issue. Perhaps you are tired of trying to convince fellow Mormons that Barack Obama is not the Antichrist. Perhaps you are feeling really disillusioned by the hypocrisy of Mormons. Perhaps you are gay. Perhaps you are married to a non-member. Or perhaps you are a Mormon misfit, for whatever reason, and feel like the Church doesn’t have a place for someone like you. And yet, if you’re reading this right now, there is a reason why you’ve decided to stick around. For me, it’s all about Jesus; the simplicity and the purity of His message, which inspires me to require more of myself and less of others.

Another woman in the comments says, "It’s my ancestry, my family, my backbone. I may think my church is annoying or crazy or senseless at times, but the thought of not having it there seems so wrong. I don’t know who’d I be without it." And here's the thing: in a way, these women are much braver than we are. It's very easy to exclaim my pro-gay marriage beliefs in a web community like Jezebel, to an audience of like-minded people. These women are expressing their feelings to a community that is largely hostile to their message, and instead of just finding another church that is more in line with their social beliefs, they're struggling to make a place for themselves within Mormonism. While we can't get behind the Mormon Church at large when they promote intolerance, It's important to remind yourself that there are individual Mormons with their critical thinking skills intact. Strollerderby Playdate: Feminist Mormon Housewives [Babble] Why Are You Still Here? [Feminist Mormon Housewives] Mormon Church On Prop. 8 [Huffington Post] Earlier: Letter To California: Hate Won't Solve 8 Related: Hundreds Of Mormon Moms Rally Against Prop. 8 In Salt Lake City [The Advocate]