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Princess Diana's wardrobe is on display at the Mall Of America, and NBC's Janet Shamlian visited the exhibit and asked the question she claims everyone wants to know: What size was Princess Di? Yes, folks, women do not want to know how to balance work and family or how many feet of silk were used in the royal wedding gown but what were the physical dimensions of the late icon and was she bigger or smaller than meeeeeeeeee? When the curator of the show insisted that Diana was not a "size," because her gowns were couture and therefore cut to fit, Ms. Shamlian refused to accept this fact and claims she "checked" the gowns for tags.She also insisted that the People's Princess was about a size 6 or 8, but breathlessly and reverently declared that one dress looks like a size 4. She meant it as a compliment. Because smaller is better, and Heaven forbid we think of the Princess — who suffered from bulimia — as anything but as skinny as possible.


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Princess Di's treasures head to America's biggest mall [Today]

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