Norway Catches CokeHead Under Wig • Trans Woman Beaten By Cops In Memphis

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A British woman was arrested in Norway after the police discovered coke under her wig. It seems the Norwegian police have learned to check hair for drugs after that whole Amy WInehouse debacle. • Conservative Virginians are nervous about the popularity of gay marriage, because if it can happen in a conservative stronghold like CA, it can happen anywhere! • Aw, Michelle Obama was "touched" by Laura Bush's defense of her reportedly "anti-American" remarks. • Wonderbra is looking for 1,000 big-breasted British babes to pose for an ad, and their "casting call" ad uses some confusing imagery for boobies. • China translates the names of popular dishes for restaurants to their "American" names during the Olympics, but what if I really wanted "Bean curd made by a pock-marked woman"? • Just throwing this out there, but, fighting a PC battle against a ubiquitous adjective like "crazy" is probably a lost cause. • A trans woman was held down and beaten by two Memphis cops after she objected to being called a "faggot" by one of the cops. One of the cops was fired and the other was suspended. • The US Post Office has released stamps honoring Charles and Ray Eames (you know, those chairs that are always drooled over at Apartment Therapy) the husband-and-wife design team. Dodai notes that Ray Eames was also a filmmaker! • A wedding-crazed couple plans on having five weddings over the space of nine months so their entire family can see them getting married! • Elda Beguinua is being tried for fraud after she pretended to have a $500 million fortune as a Philippine contessa and tried to trick people out of loaning her money. One man was tipped off when he was asked to be her "world ambassador."



@birdiejean: Getting sunk by HRC. For real. Well, not hate crimes, but ENDA. There was a huge fight in the LGBT advocacy community working on ENDA about trans-inclusive language. HRC basically said "fuck the trannies." There is arguably an argument to be made about incrementalism—the legislation had a better (though not great) chance of passing if the trans language was stripped from the bill, but HRC did some shady, shady stuff in the wheeling and dealing. In many ways, it is a moribund organization that is great at branding and fundraising, but not so great when it comes to going to the mat and taking a stand. There's also a faction of the community who sees the issue area not as LGBT, but pretty much just LG.