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North Carolina Sadly Votes to Constitutionally Ban Gay Marriage

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Voters in North Carolina today did as was predicted and voted in favor of Amendment 1, which bans same-sex marriage and civil unions in the state's constitution. Gay marriage is already legally forbidden in North Carolina, but this will enshrine in the constitution the following choice language,

[M]arriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.


This clearly rules out same-sex legal partnerships of any kind, but opponents of the amendment also pointed out that it will affect the ability of same-sex partners to get health insurance and could also jeopardize domestic violence protections which are currently afforded to unmarried couples. Ugh. It's truly a terrible day when the big winners are people who advocate beating the gay out of kids and those who think stopping gay marriage is necessary to "save the caucasians."


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Is the space pope reptilian?

This is what I posted on facebook in response to this terrible vote (slightly edited):

I love my home state of North Carolina. I love its beautiful beaches where I grew up, I love its spectacular mountains where I was lucky enough to go to school, but most of all I love the people who have proven time and again to be gracious, loving and fun. An unfortunately large number of people in the Northeast have an overwhelmingly negative and stereotypical impression of the South, with most not ever having been south of the Mason-Dixon line. I like to think that I’ve done more than my fair share to combat that. Since leaving the state to study at Yale I have been a one man marketing machine. There is not a person I know who hasn’t heard me give several passionate promotions of our state, reveling in our history, cultural pleasures and wonderful sites; I’ve convinced over 25 people to come down to the Outer Banks over various breaks from school for goodness sakes!

However, the passage of Amendment One has undone all of that and more. Beyond the harm that this amendment will bring on every unmarried North Carolinian, the rest of the country, and the world, seemingly have proof that our state is just as small minded and bigoted as they previously suspected. I could not be more ashamed and embarrassed. I still love North Carolina and its people with all my heart – I will continue to bleed blue until I die – but that is because I know this vote does not reflect the North Carolina I love.

Though this is a terrible night, I would like to say something positive. I’ve known I was interested in men in some way shape or form since I first saw Beauty and the Beast when I was four (Gaston’s line, "every last inch of me is covered in hair" delighted me a little too much), but I did not come out to anyone in North Carolina, including my best friend or any of my siblings until way after I came out at Yale and was well into my first long term relationship. However, seeing that pretty much every single one of my North Carolinian friends and acquaintances has been staunchly against Amendment One and working against it has made me feel so silly for not trusting in the people I love to accept me and so thankful that you were the people I grew up with. I know that when our generation is in power we will not allow blatant legal discrimination to be enshrined in our constitution and we will raise our children to respect and value the differences in their friends and neighbors. I only have hope for NC and I know the state can live up to my expectations!