NOOOOO: Veep Loses Show Creator Armando Iannucci

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Armando Iannucci—the genius wit behind such works as In the Loop, The Thick of It and The Armando Iannucci Shows—is stepping down as showrunner on HBO’s Veep, the brilliant, Julia Louis-Dreyfus-starring political comedy that he created in 2012. He will be replaced by Curb Your Enthusiasm’s David Mandel.


An HBO rep issued the following statement to the Hollywood Reporter:

“We have had conversations with Armando for some time about the challenges of maintaining his family life in London and producing a show in the states. Armando is not replaceable but we are confident that Veep will continue to be produced at the highest levels with new showrunner David Mandel. David has worked with HBO for many years as executive producer, writer and director for Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Iannucci always planned on eventually leave the show. As he told the Radio Times in 2013, “I mean I want Veep to carry on, but there will come a point when I want to move on to something else.”

At the risk of being melodramatic, this news has crushed me and I don’t know how I’ll carry on. Season 4 of Veep—Iannucci’s final season—starts Sunday, April 12.

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