"Does your cat need an iPad?" implores the Yahoo news headline. I don't know, says my brain, does your dog need a cell phone? Does a monkey need a TI-83 graphing calculator? Do I need my own giant particle accelerator? But I clicked anyway. And iPad aps for cats are just as unnecessary yet hilarious as you might imagine.

Despite the fact that cats care about nothing besides murdering everything in the entire world and sleeping, several aps for cats exist. Among them, a fishing ap that tricks cats into thinking that they can murder things that live inside your iPad, a laser pointer ap that tricks cats into thinking there might be a tiny point of light for them to murder, Paint for Cats, which uses the ruse of a possibly murderable mouse to trick cats into painting pictures, and one that simply calls itself "iPad Game for Cats," which, again, uses the iPad's screen to torment cats with promises of murder.

If you love tormenting your pet, by all means get your cat an iPad. But don't be surprised when Mr. Whiskers tries to eat your face while you sleep.