"She may be pretty, wealthy and about to marry a prince, but an overwhelming majority of British women do not envy Kate Middleton." Shocking.

Reuters reports on a poll of over 1,000 British women, 86% of whom were not jealous of Kate in the slightest. The main reason: her "perceived inability to lead a normal life" after her marriage to Prince William. Uh, that's not just a perception. Says Carla Bevan, editor-in-chief of MyDaily.co.uk, which commissioned the poll, "Most women realize Catherine has an unenviable task ahead of her, having her every move, not to mention every outfit, picked apart by the press." And not just the press, but also the royal family, who will presumably want to make sure everything their new member does is up to code. Example: she may need a lady-in-waiting who can "instruct her in protocol" — basically, imagine having someone follow you around and tell you when to curtsy when you're hanging out with your in-laws. It's actually surprising that 14% of British ladies think this would be awesome.

Diana discussion is, as Sadie has mentioned, getting a bit played out as the big day approaches. Still, it's hard to consider the average British woman's attitude to Kate Middleton's life without thinking about the impact of Princess Di's many scandals. Watching someone they all loved go through a variety of ultra-public embarrassments — and then suffer a tragic death — had to change a lot of people's view of what it meant to be a princess. Now it seems many Brits are aware that royal life has its downsides, and that Kate Middleton might have cause to envy them.


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