Stefano Pilati's latest, Spring 2010 outing for the iconic house of Yves brought out a lot of bold faces, a lot of bold lines, and, oh yeah, some really bold breasts. Talk about city of headlights!

Le smoking: a YSL must.

The lines and coloration evoke the early YSL collections, which defined the sophisticated, modern "Yves Saint Laurent woman." Who would that be today?

Okay, that works.


Clean lines and strong femininity would have pleased Yves, surely. The dust ruffle? Hard to say.

And, obviously, the "reality" version works like an elegant modern charm.


As for Avengers business-casual?

...judge for yourselves.


And I know one person who will be pleased by this high-profile support for Operation No Pants:

She is!


"Volume" is still a thing. But - in varying degrees, even by its absence, isn't that always a de facto "trend?" Kind of like "texture," "color" and "existence?"

See, sometimes you see something like this and think, "well, of course, no one will literally wear that..."


And then you feel a fool.

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