The Weeknd Drops Out of Rihanna's ANTI Tour

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Is there a curse on everything ANTI related? Rihanna’s ANTI tour, which is currently underway, has lost an opening act in The Weeknd, who pulled out of performing on the European leg.

Roc Nation cited “unforeseen changes with upcoming projects” as the reason for his future absence, according to Mashable, but Big Sean is still on board for the two months of European dates starting June 11 in Amsterdam.

The Weeknd will be terribly missed?

But maybe this allows more time for Rihanna and Drake to dry hump onstage.

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No one was going for The Weeknd and his Struggle Jackson impression. He sounds great in headphones, but he’s lacking in performance. He’s not very charismatic on the stage. She’d actually be better off taking Travis with her to Europe. The Navy won’t have it, but Travis >>>> The Weeknd performance wise.

Funny thing tho all this stuff happening with Anti started off seeming like a nightmare, but then it turns out well in the end.

Fucked up debut, still hit #1, twice. #1 song for 6 wks. $old Owt tour so far, on which she’s getting great reviews. Pose is back on the setlist, so I get to see her perform it Sunday.

Honestly as a Rihanna fan, the cursed Anti album & tour gave me so much anxiety at first, but it turned out to be amazing. The girl is happy. That hasn’t always been the case. The smile on her face every night so far on Anti tour, is all we care about.

*I will never spell Owt the old way again. Let me stop stanning I’m still at work.