No One Wants It: Robin Thicke's Paula Sells Only 530 copies in the UK

After a wildly successful social media campaign and extremely warm reception by the media, Robin Thicke's new album Paula has surprised everyone by tanking horrendously. Turns out that no one really wants to hear song after song about Thicke harassing his estranged wife.


The Guardian reports that Paula sold a mere 530 copies in the U.K. during its first week of sales. Compare that to Blurred Lines, which sold 25,981. The creep ode to Paula Patton did slightly better in the U.S., selling approximately 25,000 copies according to Billboard, but that's only because we have a larger population and bigger potential for people with shitty taste. (Again for comparison, Blurred Lines sold 177,000.)

Those numbers are probably hard for Thicke to read, but silver lining: 1. I'm not sure that Robin can read and 2. he's always liked it when we do it like it hurt. (What he don't like work?)

Image via Getty.

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