No One Told Him Friends Was Gonna Feel That Way

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British actor Steve Misiura watched all 84 hours of Friends in a row to break the world record, during which he reported "nausea, stomach cramps and hallucinations." We felt that way about the season Rachel was pregnant. [UPI, Friends-a-Thon]


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His being British reminds me of my own Friends story.

British tourist: Excuse me, miss?

Me: Yes?

BT: Do you know where we can find Central Perk?

Me: *thinking he said Central PARK, gives him and his group directions*

BT: No, no. We've just come from Central Park, we want to go to Central PERK. The Friends cafe.

Me: Oh. That was a set.

BT: What?

Me: That wasn't filmed in New York. That was a set on the Warner Brothers lot in LA.

BT: Are you quite sure?

Me: Yeah, it doesn't exist. Sorry.

They did not believe me and asked someone else. Good luck, dude.