'No More Oreos' For Chris Christie, Trump Decides

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is currently not (wink) being held hostage by Donald Trump, has demonstrated the pitfalls of campaigning with a narcissistic bowl of rotten gazpacho—for example, in addition to everything else that is terrible about Donald Trump, he will also publicly berate you for being overweight.


At a fundraiser to help Christie retire his campaign debt, Talking Points Memo reports, Trump turned a very confusing word salad about trade into, naturally, some diet instructions for his pal Chris:

“I’m not eating Oreos anymore, you know that. But neither is Chris,” Trump said. “You’re not eating Oreos anymore. No more Oreos. For either of us, Chris. Don’t feel bad, for either of us.”

How much more negging will Chris Christie take? Will it ever stop being satisfying to watch this tremendous asshole be emotionally terrorized like he’s Gretchen Weiners at the winter talent show?

This is, of course, absolutely not Donald Trump’s first foray into fat-shaming—former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who was featured in the recent New York Times report on Trump’s various terrible interactions with women, claims that Trump called her “Miss Piggy” after she gained about 15 pounds following her win in 1996; he also called her an “eating machine” on Howard Stern.

There is really only one thing to say here, and it’s that Trump’s bizarre obsession with other people’s weight is the closest we will ever get to an admission that he truly hates himself.

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