No, John McCain, You Can't Really Win Just By Showing Up

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  • John McCain will be debating after all tonight in Mississippi, and I'll be live-blogging it at 9:00 ET to help you get through it. [Washington Post]
  • As the ad indicates, McCain started declaring victory in the debate right about the same time he decided to attend it. Talk about lowered expectations. [CNN]
  • Everyone from his former adviser Craig Shirley to his former opponent Mike Huckabee thinks McCain fucked this up. Ya think? [Huffington Post, CNN]
  • Aides to Sarah Palin are defying subpoenas issued in response to the troopergate probe of the Alaska governor; seven of them simply didn't appear in court today. Is anyone surprised?
  • House Republicans have decided to try this "negotiations" thing on the bailout plan they keep hearing about. Oh, goodie. [Washington Post]
  • Those would be the same House Republicans who proposed their bailout plan yesterday that McCain backed in his now-infamous White House meeting. Aides admit McCain had no idea what the fuck the plan was about, big surprise. [Think Progress]
  • Economists agree that said plan is fucking stupid. [Politico]
  • If McCain hadn't had his head up is ass and no idea what he was doing, he could've noticed that the public wasn't keen on the plan that was out there and made some political hay out of that. Luckily for Obama, McCain finds it really cozy up there in his lower colon, even if it does smell a little funky. [LA Times]
  • Democrats are calling McCain "erratic," as though being terminally stupid is somehow different for him. [Politico]

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A Small Turnip

This is a small, piteous bleat for help. I'm extremely worried that the BBC isn't going to cover this debate live, and I didn't unscrew this bottle of wine in the middle of the bloody night for nothing.

Can any kind Jezebel link me up to an internet stream of it? I've been hunting around on cspan, but so far have come up empty-handed. I'm starting to fret.

Otherwise, it's just me and the pinot noir, sittin' by the fire, playing parcheesi. And no debate. Help? Anyone? Bueller?