No, Huma Abedin Is Probably Not Trying to Get a Job via People Magazine

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People Magazine fans may have noticed an unusual feature in between updates on the TomKat breakup and the Kardashians: a joint interview with former Congressman and noted sexter Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — complete with photos of their 6-month-old son, as is par for the positive PR course. This might be a bold assumption to make, we know, but doesn't it seem like Weiner — who might run for mayor next year — wants America to forget that he once had a penchant for dick pics?


Nah, says the New York Daily News; the profile is actually for Abedin's benefit, not her husband's. Sources told the paper that the People piece is a Clinton-backed effort to help her score a new job after Hillary leaves her post as Secretary of State next year.

"Hillary loves, loves, loves Huma and would do anything for her," one said. "Think of this as the first step in Huma's listening tour." The Clintons want to take care of her — and, apparently, she's disinterested in working at Bill's foundation — so the all-powerful couple is "working on something for Huma to do." The magazine profile is "part of their plan to boost her exposure."

Hmm. It makes sense that the Clintons would want to help Abedin out — her relationship with the former first lady began in 1996, when she was her White House intern — but since when is a People profile the way to launch a career? Let's be real; celebs do People interviews complete with cozy family photo spreads (+100 for a newborn child) to sway public opinion, not to get a job.

According to the NYDN, Abedin's new gig "could range anywhere from a run for elected office, a top government appointment - or even a cushy slot at a private company." Do top government officials and private company CEOs base their hiring decisions on People Magazine profiles? No, but my mom totally bases her opinions of politicians on People Magazine profiles. (Sorry, Mom, but you know it's true.) We all know that when/if Hillary helps Huma out, it'll be via her Blackberry.

Forget Weiner – it's Huma's time for exposure! [NY Daily News]



This is all irrelevant when compared to the extreme cuteness of their baby boy. I want to smush his little face!

Carry on, just having an ovary explosion over here.