Here are some hilarious photos of people who think they’re about to die at a Canadian haunted house. The folks at Nightmares Fear Factory published reaction shots last year and they’re just as delightful this time around — I can’t stop looking at them. Just when I think I’ve found a favorite, I see a woman crying into her friend’s hair and I fall in love all over again!

What do you think they’re looking at? Frankenstein? The Wolfman? President Mitt Romney? I actually just got the shivers, let us not speak of this again!

Just a side note, that guy in the middle photo is a total terminator, no? Or at least he’s all action. I’m pretty sure I want him with me in the trenches/he’s a possible sociopath. But who knows how you’ll act in that situation?! I’m pretty sure I’d just pee my pants and wait to die. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’d just lie there, smelling of weak prey, praying for death — but maybe I’d be a hero? Who knows!