No DNA Was Found on the Knife Buried on O.J. Simpson's Estate

The momentarily infamous knife that was recently discovered on O.J. Simpson’s old estate has reportedly been tested and found to have no DNA material on it.

TMZ reports:

Sources familiar with the situation tell us, the DNA testing produced no matches. We’re told the microbes in the soil degraded any DNA to the point it was impossible to get a meaningful result.


No hair or other potential evidence was found on the knife, says the source.

These alleged findings, if true, match what an LAPD source told AP last week: that there’s ultimately no proof the knife is linked to the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman that led to the circus O.J. trial.

The LAPD has not announced the results, but we’re told the investigation is over.

Fact is ... it’s impossible to know for sure if this was the murder knife, but it is interesting it appears to have been buried long enough to degrade any DNA.

It seems the sands of time have ruined any chance of this case finally being solved. Or perhaps, you know, it was just a knife.

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