No Big Deal: Jamie Foxx Pulled a Guy From a Burning Truck

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Actor/musician Jamie Foxx rushed to the aid of a driver after a Toyota Tacoma overturned outside of his Hidden Valley home. According to reports, Foxx called 911 then helped pull the man from his burning vehicle.

According to Gossip Cop:

The scary, and potentially deadly, incident occurred just outside Foxx’s home in Hidden Valley, north of Los Angeles. The unidentified driver apparently skidded off the road and landed upside down after hitting a ditch. The car ended up right outside Foxx’s gate.

The actor immediately called 911, and then ran outside to help the driver. The vehicle was on fire, and the driver still buckled in behind the wheel. Foxx, however, managed to get him out of the car and pulled him to safety.


Emergency crew arrived on the scene and the driver was transported to the hospital where he was treated for “significant burns.”

No word yet on what Foxx’s longterm girlfriend Katie Holmes thinks of the incident.

Yet another reason to love David Bowie:



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I want to say that I will personally fill the ‘hate coldplay’ void that David Bowie left behind. BECAUSE I AM A GODDAMN HUMANITARIAN. GO TO HELL CHRIS MARTIN.