No, Abercrombie Isn't Selling 'N***** Brown' Pants

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We received multiple tips today with links to an online store that calls itself the Abercrombie & Fitch Outlet, to a product in the store called "N***** Brown Pants." Using a racial slur as a youthful, carefree, and edgy touch in a product name would be a totally fucked up, racist thing for Abercrombie to do — if the site were actually affiliated with Abercrombie. Which it's not.

Abercrombie has a far from stellar record when it comes to racial sensitivity (remember those "Two Wongs Can Make it White!" Chinese laundry tee shirts from several years ago?), but their hands are clean this time. They're not affiliated with the site that's shilling the n-word pants, and whoever is behind the site is probably selling fake products.

A quick visit to reveals that the site's fishy as hell— although the familiar moose logo and enthralled-looking half naked twentysomethings are there, the store's description reads like it was run through Google Translate a few times and put away wet. Here's a sample, from its "About Us" page,

Abercrombie And Fitch, as we know, is a famous brand mainly specialized in trendy and casual clothing, which can be said that the new century, representatives of youth fashion. A&F is the favorite brand of American college students, a lovely deer printed on the front of the youth fashion. Its fashion and personalized style always the certain reason some youngsters follow. Nowadays, Abercrombie and Fitch piracy in China has spread to unimaginable proportions. Soft cotton is comfortable in the apparel. Abercrombie clothing reversing the perception of sports and leisure apparel bulky through fitting version of model lines, so that casual scent with the stylish, sexy bedrock


I'm soothed, but I can't explain why. Probably all the talk of the stylish, sexy bedrock. A lovely deer printed on the front of the youth fashion.

I called Abercrombie, and, as suspected, the site's about as legit as a Louis Vuitton bag from Canal Street. To be clear: This is a fake shopping site, a copycat, designed to make you think you're on an official site. But it is a scam.

So, put your torches and pitchforks away for now — the people behind the n-word pants aren't the same people behind the cologne headache you get every time you walk by an Abercrombie store in the mall.

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I believe it might be a "British" thing. I was shopping with an older lady from the UK a couple of years ago. She was getting stockings and asked the sales lady for "nigger brown" I almost fell over and the sales lady gasped but my older friend had no idea she was being offensive.