NJ Housewives Miraculously Hug It Out On Reunion Part 2

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After two seasons filled with table-flipping, hair-pulling, and armed guards, the ladies of New Jersey spent part two of the reunion bickering, playing with a disembodied head, and ultimately—to the surprise of everyone—kissing and making up.


Naturally, though, the olive branch that was extended in the final moments of the reunion has since sprouted some sour grapes. Today, in her "official" reaction to the news that she will not return for a third season of the show, Danielle returned to her previous stance that the rest of the "woman" have attacked her and might kill her, telling Us that she holds Bravo responsible for the cast members' actions and feels "used" by the network. She's also angling for her own show, which she will not "give" to Bravo.


As for last night's reunion, it started off with Caroline accusing Danielle of being a stalker, and Jacqueline accusing Danielle of being a call girl.

Danielle insists that she's not a call girl because she's such a lesbian now. She also called Jacqueline a whore, and—in so many words—called Caroline ugly.

Later, Danielle brought out a disembodied head to prove that it is possible to pull a chunk of hair out of a head full of extensions. Her prop actually ended up proving the opposite.

Eventually, Jacqueline realized that they weren't going to get anywhere by constantly confronting Danielle, and also recognized that it made her look bad in the process. So she called a truce. After hearing what Jacqueline had to say, Danielle admitted that she "embellished" some things about Jacqueline because she was hurt. She hugged her for a long time, and then looked like she wanted to make out with her.

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I have such a strong desire to write Suzanne Collins inspired Real Housewives fan fiction, taking every member from each season and city and placing them within the Arena as tributes to play The Hunger Games AKA Bravo Television 2020. I am not sure yet who I would like to see as the victor.