Nixon: Interracial Pregnancy Grounds For Abortion • Tattooed Teen Admits To Telling Tall Tales

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Richard Nixon apparently thought interracial pregnancy was grounds for abortion. On a newly released tape, he reportedly says, "There are times when an abortion is necessary. I know that. When you have a black and a white." •


• New data shows that almost half of the whales harvested last summer in the Antarctic by Japan were pregnant, and several were lactating. The report also contained information on the whale fetuses, which were dismembered for "genetic studies." • In other whaling news, a report released at the International Whaling Commission reveals that countries could make more money if they switched from whale hunting to whale watching, but the delegate from Iceland says he would rather see the two industries grow together. • A new study from the Children's Hospital & Research Center in Oakland indicates that the placenta of healthy newborns may be a viable source for harvesting stem cells, which can be used to treat chronic blood-related disorders. • A religious nurse from the UK recently quit her job after hospital officials asked her to stop wearing her crucifix, which they said "could harbor infection." "I've always worn my cross and I've always been a Christian. It is important to me. I've worked here for 15 months and if it was an issue, why didn't they let me know in the interview?" she said. • Joseph Brooks, the Oscar-winning director and songwriter behind "You Light Up My Life," has been charged with rape and sexual assault. He has been accused of luring young actresses auditioning for roles back to his home where he proceeded to force himself on them. • A recent doctoral dissertation from Sweden has found that a good partner relationship can provide a buffer for work-related stress. • One of Banksy's famous murals was defaced by paintballers last night in an "attack" that left residents of Bristol "disappointed" and annoyed. • Presumably reacting to the advice of, like, everyone, the "Craigslist killer's" ex-fiancee is now "planning a life without him," and has said, "it would be quite a long period of time, if ever, before she saw him again." • The International Gymnastics Federation is now investigating whether it should cancel the results of women's gymnastics events in Sydney due to the possibility that two Chinese gymnasts were underage. • In Ontario, women, and especially poor women, are more likely to suffer from chronic health conditions than men. A majority of Ontario residents have at least one chronic condition. • Researchers report that women with anorexia have lower levels of a brain protein called BDNF, which is associated with poor self-image, anxiety, and depression. • French winemakers attended a "speed-dating" event in which they try to impress US wine writers. Sample pickup line: "You can drink the sunshine." • Kimberley Vlaminck now admits that she asked for all 56 of the stars tattooed on her face, and initially said she had asked for only three because her dad was mad at her. • A group of Mormons called the Committee for Reconciliation is asking the Mormon Church to reconsider its ban on gay marriage. One member says, "I know that there are hundreds, thousands of families sitting in Mormon congregations that have a gay kid or brother or sister, and they are being torn apart inside." • Bear Grylls, the badass host of Man vs. Wild, served as inspiration for a nine-year-old boy who found himself stranded in the Utah forest. Grayson Wynne tore up his yellow raincoat and left pieces tied to trees as clues to his location, followed a creek to safety, and used the remains of his slicker to wave at a helicopter for help. •


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I salute and raise a glass to whoever defaced Banksy's "artwork".