Nighttime Soap Uses Murdered Boy Pic As Prop • Most YFZ Custody Kids Returned To Parents

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• The photo of a 6-year-old boy from Georgia who was kidnapped and killed last year was inadvertently used as a prop in a scene on General Hospital: Night Shift. The photo has since been edited out. • Towels "soaked" in kangaroo pee are being hung around a Canadian town in hopes of luring a missing wallaby back to its pen. • A soup kitchen for the dogs of the homeless or unemployed has opened in Berlin. • A new study suggests that boys whose mothers drank lightly (2 units a week) during pregnancy were less likely to be hyperactive or have conduct problems. •• A new service from Japan offers users four different virtual "wives" to nag help remind dieters via email to stick to their weight loss goals. • A 60-year-old woman willingly faces excommunication from the Roman Catholic church as she pursues her goal to become a Catholic priest via a ordination ceremony at a Protestant church this weekend. • A new study reveals that illegal but common marriage dowries in Bangladesh are a major contributor to poverty in many families with daughters. • The custody case of 439 children from the Yearning for Zion Ranch in Texas is being whittled down with all but 37 children released from court oversight. • Researchers announced that many young women may be unknowingly spreading genital herpes because they have no symptoms and therefore do not know that they need to get tested. • Meanwhile, a recent study reports that while 40% of the women surveyed say they have sexual problems, only 12% say they are the source of significant personal distress. • Meet Dr. Elliot Jacobs, the best plastic surgeon specializing in reducing enlarged male breasts in New York City! • A study of middle-aged British women found that early puberty, having multiple children, and taking hormone replacement therapy all increase the risk of needing a joint replacement surgery due to arthritis. • Chinese authorities announced today that a mother in China will avoid a jail sentence for poisoning and smothering her mentally ill 20-year-old daughter. • A mother in England reported that her 23-year-old son collapsed and later died from watching a pornographic film weeks after her underwent open-heart surgery. • From the "Duh" files: A new study reports that female politicians must appear attractive and competent to win votes; most people perceiving male politicians as more competent that female ones. • Critically endangered Peruvian yellow-tailed wooly monkeys are being threatened by deforestation and people selling the baby monkeys for a few dollars. • A mathematician has cracked the opening "PAAAANG" chord in The Beatles' "Hard Day's Night." • Happy Halloween! •



In all seriousness, I am curious as to what the Jezemoms think about light drinking during pregnancy. There was an article on it in the NYT a while back, and while most of the pregnant/mom ladies I know don't drink during pregnancy, I know one or two who did. What's the prevailing and countervailing wisdom?