Nightmare Bridezilla Scoffs At Wheelchair Access For Guests

Karen—the Bridezilla who doesn't like "$9-an-hour human beings"—showed more of her ass on last night's episode when she bitched (and laughed) about a wedding guest who requested wheelchair access for the reception.

Karen loves talking about money and the amount that's spent on her. She's been bragging about her $7,500 wedding dress for the past two episodes, as though the price tag makes her appear "classy" rather than déclassé, and frankly, pound-foolish. During her final fitting, she noticed a snag and a stain on the gown, which were barely noticeable enough to show up on camera, and looked easy enough to fix. Still, she turned managed to take this whole stupid "bridezilla" thing to another level. It's actually surprising that she didn't shit herself in that dress. Nothing says money like emptying one's bowels on $7,500 worth of crinoline and satin.

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So, this horrible, unfunny, unsympathetic, vapid woman— isn't she also the one who was screaming about "nine-dollar-an-hour human beings"? I know this makes me as bad as her but— look at that place they're filming!!! Is that her family home?! Did they sink all their dough into her watch, ring, and fake nails? Their favorite materials are pleather and mirror! Geesh, no wonder she fought so hard for her bachelorette party flair! Taste, people. Clearly money can't buy it. #bridezillawheelchair