Nightmare Bridezilla Has Her "Not Poor" Wedding Day

On the season finale of Bridezillas, Karen—the one who doesn't like poor people, the disabled, and threatens senior citizens—finally had her $150,000 "classy" wedding, but not without being rude to her new in-laws and throwing several tantrums.

At least Karen's fiancee had some balls and put her in check.

Not that his words worked, though. She was still rude to his relatives, who were kindly stopping by to welcome her to the family.

Take a look at their resulting "not tacky" wedding.

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I'm sorry, I haven't been following this closely. Someone wanted to marry this person because why?

I don't believe in karma or any kind of cosmic justice, but usually it's comforting to think, when you see this type of black hole of selfishness, that they'll drive everyone away and end up alone. The whole 'don't shit where you eat' axiom. But she has family and friends, so I guess not... #bridezillaskaren