Nightline: Tyra Hates Questions About Former ANTM Judges

On last night's Nightline, Tyra Banks got snippy when her publicist's requests to not "go there" over former Top Model judges Paulina Porizkova and Janice Dickinson were ignored by host Cynthia McFadden. TyTy was snarling with her eyes.

However, her facial modeling indicated that the answer as to why Paulina and Janice hate her is "jealousy."

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There are few celebrities I would LESS like to PR for than Tyra Banks. Because even the celebrities that are viewed as even crazier than she (think Ozzy Osbourne, Megan Fox, etc.) well, that gets incorporated into the PR strategy. Tyra crazy, but still wants people to take her seriously, so you can’t really incorporate too much of that crazy into her media interactions/presentations. With Tyra, everyone loses.