Nifty Cookware Lets You Eat Meals in the Shape of Your Favorite State

Feel like you're not showing enough love for your home (or adopted home) state when eating your breakfast? Got $200-$2,500 to burn? (Of course, you do. That's why this site is nicknamed "Millionaire-bel.") You could always hit up Alisa Toninato, an artist out of Madison, WI's FeLion Studios, who'll make you a custom cast iron frying pan in the shape of any state you'd like, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. You know the old saying: Last state in the Union is the last to have its own pan. Them's just the breaks.


While the pans are on the pricey end, they are seriously cute. With Michigan, you could cook your eggs and bacon at once, thanks to the Upper Peninsula. Texas and California are so big they need two handles! Think of the pancake you could make with that. THINK OF THE PANCAKE.

Images via FeLion Studios.

United States of America Made Out of Cast Iron Skillets [The Kitchn]

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