Nicole Richie's Jewelry Line Is Cute, Cheap

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  • Nicole Richie's cheap, chunky jewelry line is actually pretty get-behind-able. [FabSugar]
  • PETA protesters continue the conversation by appearing at an Olsen Twins book signing with the placard: "Trollsens: UR Hags From Hell." [New York Magazine]
  • Kate Moss is going to co-chair the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute Gala, to which we are already not invited. [Telegraph]
  • Apparently the theme is "the model as muse." Feeling better about being left out! [WWD]
  • Candie's anti-teen sex ad stirs controversy; we're just wondering when a brand that featured Jenny McCarthy on a toilet became a moral authority. [AdRants]
  • Tom Ford's Isherwood adaptation, A Single Man, is cast! "(Colin) Firth is the gay man, an Englishman and professor who feels like an outsider in Los Angeles. (Matthew) Goode is the boyfriend who dies in a car accident and appears in flashbacks. (Julianne) Moore plays a friend of the professor." [Yahoo]
  • The Columbia Journalism Review is sick of talking about Michelle Obama's wardrobe. [CJR]
  • Tell that to J.Crew! They're cashing in on Michelle Obama's endorsement. [Politico]
  • And to all the random European designers inspired by the campaign! [Telegraph]
  • Meanwhile, J. Crew's brought on a new head of menswear, who says that men "don't appreciate or want change. They're set in their ways." [Men.Style]
  • Perk of being an It Brand? Hanging with whoever you want. Here, the Rodarte girls chill with Kim Gordon, say "I think music, film and art influence Laura and me more than anything else. We grew up near Santa Cruz and I can remember being so intrigued by skaters and psychedelic ’80s hippies who listened to Peter Gabriel. My environment was a huge inspiration." [BlackBook]
  • Zac Efron wears Calvins, apparently. [New York Magazine]
  • Things are getting really ugly in the Project Runway legal battle, with accusations of "sabotage" from both Bravo and the Weinsteins. [E]
  • Speaking of PR, are you an exhibitionist with an itch to stitch? Bravo's new knockoff, Fashion House, is casting! [Fashionista]
  • The DVF woman: "She walks where she wants her life to go...firmly on the heels of her of her wooden wedges…she moves like a whisper commanding a goddess gown as easily as a patterned T." [WWD]
  • Indian moddle Kangana Dutta is getting some serious designer play. []
  • CNA calculates all the stuff the average American could buy with Palin;s wardrobe budget. Play along! [The Nation]
  • British factory-worker-turned-next-big-model has a Flashdance-worthy story of triumph! Can I admit I kind of choked up? [The Sun]
  • Want to see some plastic shoes dance a ballet? Be our guest! [Melissa Plastic Dreams via AdRants]
  • Burberry adds this enormous sign to the NYC skyline. [NY Times]
  • Vivienne Tam unveils "laptop for women." Seriously. It's "small, lightweight and colorful. Its red and pink peony injected plastic print exterior matches Tam’s spring clothing, and it will be sold at the Vivienne Tam store in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood in the spring." Thank. God. [WWD]

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Wait, that Candies ad was real? I thought it was a joke. Really? Seriously?