Nicole Kidman, Rubina Ali Star In India-Themed Commercial

Although the new Schwepps commercial at left, which Nicole Kidman filmed in India with Slumdog Millionaire's Rubina Ali, looks beautiful, it's somewhat unsettling.

The plot: while immersing herself in the local culture, Kidman gets thirsty and even the adorable Rubina Ali and Bollywood star Argun Rampal cannot keep her from her beloved Schwepps... we think. One would think producer Ridley Scott and Oscar-nominated director Shekhar Kapur could put together a one-minute soft drink commercial that makes a little more sense.

Nicole Kidman, Arjun Rampal & Rubina Ali In An Ad For Schweppes [ONTD]

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This reminded me so much of Baz Luhrmann's awful colonialist-fantasy "Walkabout" ad that I had to double-check that Nicole Kidman wasn't in that one, too.

The hands of a small brown child can save you too, pretty white lady!