Nicole Kidman reveals all! ...... Just kidding.

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I'd always pictured Ladies Home Journal as a nice friendly perky happy little number, but June's issue is actually quite an enthralling read. Gambling addiction, death, seizures, evil nursing homes, gay parents and how all sorts of things like driving, headaches and your own eyes can kill you.

And, as a bonus, you get a toe-curlingly fawning interview with Nicole Kidman, which sets the tone from the intro:

"The way she storms into the room, alone and eager and completely relaxed, it's easy to feel as though she's your sister, or cousin or any old friend who knows your secrets. Then, of course, you snap out of it. Because you realize - wait a second - you don't actually have a human being in your life who is this exceedingly gorgeous."


Or this exceedingly botoxed. Worth a look for the accompanying pics of Nicole stretched so tightly her pubes nestle just below her boobs.

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