What will the world look like after Nicki Minaj hosts the EMAs? A Whole New World, it seems. In this video promo for her upcoming gig at the 2014 European Music Awards, MTV imagines such a place where Nicki runs everything.

The rapper already has a couple perfumes and a liquor, but in this world Nicki's become even more of an enterprising capitalist with over a dozen products to her name, which is great for people who like buying things involving Nicki Minaj. Watch it below:

Here are all the ventures mentioned and the likelihood of those happening in real life:

  • Nicki Minaj money (Unlikely, I think)
  • Butt-shaped Double Nicki Burger (There's such a thing as a Ramen burger. Highly probable)
  • Emojis called E-minajis (Highly probable, and at least we'd get some black ones)
  • Nicki Minaj book, Starships Were Meant to Fly (Already being written)
  • Super Minaj Adventures Video Game (Probable)
  • Key to the World (Unlikely and not a real thing, but would be a cool thing)
  • Anaconda, the Opera (Probable, and Kanye would produce it)
  • Cover of Nicki Magazine (Highly probable, but not before Beyonce)
  • NTV television station (Highly Probable. See: Diddy and J. Lo)
  • Nicki at Night Talk Show (Probable)
  • Laundry detergent (Let's just not)
  • Nicki Minaj "Shake that Jelly" Jello (Probable)

The MTV EMAs air live from Glasgow on Nov. 9, and it's a big deal that Nicki is hosting it, considering that hosting gigs are nearly impossible to come by for black women unless you're Whoopi Goldberg or Queen Latifah.


Image via MTV