Nicki Minaj Embraces Being a Feminist Role Model

Juju Chang's interview with rapper Nicki Minaj on last night's episode of Nightline was your basic paint-by-numbers sit down with a female pop star. First up: Her image. It's colorful and cartoonish and particularly attractive to little girls, which brings up the inevitable discussion about whether she's a suitable role model for children. (Minaj says she doesn't want to "offend" moms "but I didn't come in the game to be an artist that appealed to kids.") Well, then, what about women in general? What about feminism? Er, don't call it "feminism," call it "girl power." (Minaj says she likes empowering other women.) Next, Chang tries to get the female pop star to talk shit on another female pop star, namely, Lady Gaga. (Minaj is annoyed by comparisons to Gaga, telling Chang they're very different, saying, "First of all, I'm from Southside Jamaica, Queens," as she does a muted hair flip.) The discussion moves on to double standards in the industry when it comes to women and men and what it means to be a "bitch" without even acknowledging that the last question about Gaga played right into that. Of course, Madonna needs to be brought up here. Lastly, no interview with any woman ever would be complete if she weren't asked about when she plans on starting a family.


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I hate it when women try to replace the word "feminism" with stupid cutesy shit like "girl power" or "bootylicious" as Beyonce ridiculously suggested. If you don't want to use that word and don't identify with a similar term like "womanist" then your silly ass probably isn't a feminist in the first place so just say that.