Nickelodeon Just Featured Their First Same-Sex Married Couple, and Now All Your Kids Are Gay

The two raging queens hell-bent on making your child the neighborhood’s biggest fairy.

Nickelodeon, the television channel used by Viacom to indoctrinate children around the world with progressive ideologies, has just featured a same-sex married couple for the first time in the network’s history. BuzzFeed reports that the not-so-subtle bit of homosexual propaganda occurred during a recent episode of The Loud House (fitting for a show about liberals) entitledOvernight Success.”

In the clip below, two “married” deviants—one white and one black, if you can believe it—bring their confused, motherless son to the home of a friend for a sleepover, presumably so that they can have the house to themselves for a night of hideous sodomy.


A source tells Jezebel that next week’s episode, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” will feature a cartoon version of Hillary Clinton dropping by the homosexuals’ home for a vegan meal while confiscating guns of all the neighborhood patriots.

Image via screengrab.

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