Nick Cannon Says He's Suffering From an Autoimmune Disease

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Nick Cannon has had a two big health scares in the past few months. First, there was his alarmingly vague case of "mild kidney failure," and then he developed two life-threatening blood clots in his lungs. It seemed strange that someone young and otherwise healthy would be having these things happen, but today Nick revealed that, in fact, he has a serious-sounding autoimmune disease.

The 31-year-old told Us Weekly that he has an "autoimmune disease . . . like a lupus type of thing, but no one else in my family has it." He didn't give any more details; so now we're all left to scour the internet trying to figure out what's like Lupus but isn't. Apparently whatever it is has been causing all his recent health trouble, but he says, "It's a lot of stuff, but it's all in order now . . . I feel blessed to be alive." Let's hope he can keep it that way, even though he seems to do more work in a week than most people do in a lifetime. [Us]

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Oh no, it looks like we're dealing with a little case of unrequited love when it comes to Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift. Someone who saw them having dinner earlier this week reports that Taylor was looking at Tebow, "like a little puppy dog." Apparently Swift had plenty of time to stare because during the two-hour meal she only had a latte, while Tebow, "tucked into chicken paillard, fettuccine bolognese and cappellini." That actually sounds really good right about now. Anyway, a second mysterious source gave this assessment of the situation: "Yes, she has a crush on him. She is a massive fan, but I don't think he sees her that way." How soon do we think it'll be until Taylor releases a song about her heartbreaking dinner with Tim Tebow? [Us]

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Yesterday we found out that Demi Moore was no longer in rehab, but now we know where she is: She's on vacation in the Turks and Caicos. She's reportedly been seen hanging out on the beach of a private villa near Parrot Cay—which, incidentally, is where her ex-hubby Bruce Willis owns a home. Apparently her hideaway is accessible only by boat, and she has a ton of security with her too. So if you were thinking of flying down there and trying to casually bump into her, don't bother. [E!]

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Aww, Angelica Huston and Kelly Ripa are gal pals. They met at a party, and as Angelica describes it on Live with Kelly, Kelly saved the day:

It was about two and a half years ago and I was feeling pretty blue. I had lost my husband a few months before and we met at a party and I kind of monopolized you all night. I told you my tale of woe and you did the sweetest thing. The next day, a little box showed up and you sent me this bracelet, which I haven't actually taken off since.


Ripa then explained, "Somebody gave me this bracelet when I really needed it. And I feel like it works, so I felt like you really needed it." Isn't that one of the most heartwarming celebrity friend stories you've ever heard? [HuffPo]

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So, William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman are each getting a Hollywood star—together! That's right, in a rare occurrence, they're being given a double star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They're going to be only the second married couple to get their stars on the same day. Further proof that they are an exceptional couple, and especially by Hollywood standards. I wonder if there's a double star tradition where you smear cement in each other's faces after you do your handprints—kind of like you do with the cake at a wedding? [EW]

  • While we're on the topic of Nick Cannon, last night his wife Mariah Carey gave her first on-stage performance since giving birth to their twins. Speaking of the twins, she told the audience, "I wanted to bring them here tonight, but Monroe is shy. Miss Monroe, she needs a moment to warm up." Looks like maybe she doesn't take after either of her extremely outgoing parents then! [Vulture]

    Noted medical authority on every condition known to man, Dr. Drew was on The View today and took the liberty of diagnosing Angelina Jolie with malnourishment. Why does he feel he needs to say anything at all about this? Well,

    I'm tired of keeping quiet about this stuff. When I was quiet about prescription drug use and then everyone starts dying, now I feel an obligation to speak up: She's malnourished. She has the [physical signs] ... of malnutrition.

    Dr. Drew, saving the world one celebrity diagnosis at a time. [HuffPo]

    Speaking of Angelina, if anyone can explain to me why Brad Pitt wore this strange jumpsuit/onesie while he took Maddox shopping for a guitar, I would be forever indebted to you. [Radar]

    Snooki wore a baggy shirt! This is proof that she is totally pregnant and hiding something, despite the fact that we have yet to receive official confirmation of her impending motherhood. [E!]

    Ladies, start your engines. Justin Bieber says he wants to have kids by the time he's 28. So you only have ten years to make sure that he has them with you. [Showbiz Spy]

    Look out, Celine Dion! Cee Lo Green is gunning for a share of the Las Vegas audience. He has announced that he'll be doing shows at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, and he's apparently going to do a hip-hop version of what Liberace once did in Sin City. He's calling the gig "CeeLo Green Presents Loberace." Wow. The press release says,

    CeeLo, the conductor-ringmaster 'Loberace,' will take you on a ride through the colorful decades of music, stopping at legendary moments in time, from Prince to Blue Magic to the Rolling Stones, new wave to disco and beyond.

    Start planning your The Hangover-style Las Vegas vacations now because the show starts in August. [E!]

    Taylor Kitsch told MTV that being objectified does get a little old sometimes. He said,

    It makes you feel weird. You get awkward like I am right now. Hopefully, it doesn't turn into validation of self. It is what it is. It's flattering, but at the end of the day, I only have about 6,200 mirrors at my house. It's no big deal. Who doesn't?

    It seems unfair that he should be so hot and also be funny. [ONTD]

    Is Victoria Beckham the only thing standing between us and full-on Spice Girls reunion at the Olympics and a subsequent musical featuring their songs? Why would she deny the public what we so richly deserve? Because she'd rather focus on fashion and design instead. That is an outrage. [CDaN]

    On the witness stand today, in her lawsuit against Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry, Nicolette Sheridan had an outburst and the judge had to tell her to "calm down." Sounds like something ripped right out of a Desperate Housewives's episode. [E!]

    Season two of American Horror Story: Now with 100 percent more Zachary Quinto! [E!]

    Oh noes, Kaley Cuoco, from The Big Bang Theory says she is no longer engaged to Josh "Lazie" Resnik. [Radar]

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Can Dr. Drew and his homophobic exploitation crawl back under the rock he came out from? Unless he is Angelina Jolie's doctor, he has no idea whether or not she is malnourished. And if he IS her doctor, he just broke like six laws by saying she is.

I hope Angie sues him for slander because... ugh. You can't just go around saying that shit, people.