"Nichole" is a 29-year-old lesbian from Jamaica who, in an extremely rare move, has been spared deportation by a U.S. immigration judge following two drug convictions because of the extremely hostile climate for gay people in Jamaica. She has to report back to authorities in 3 months regarding her status. While lesbian acts are not technically illegal under Jamaica's rather specific anti-sodomy laws, there is enough homophobic violence to go around for both lesbians and gay men. [McClatchy, TPI News]


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I didn't realize that not agreeing with someone's life style meant that it was okay to take their lives.

Jamaica is on my list of places to visit. Well, it was on my list until now. I'm sure not everyone there has such hatred, but it makes me reconsider whether I want to spend my money there.

And I'm glad she wasn't deported, but I also hope she's able to stop her relationship with the justice system.