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Next Year, Be Sure to Ask Your Holiday Gifting Demigod for a Bag O’ Puppies

Look, there are a lot of shameless puppy-gaping videos floating around the internet. A handful are refreshingly quirky and feature puppies doing things other than rolling over and squeaking, but every now and then (read: constantly) it's entirely not weird to coo and aww over a shamelessly voyeuristic puppy video. It's like watching genre-conforming romantic comedy, where the love interests' marriage has been telegraphed from the opening credits. What I'm saying is that there's nothing wrong with watching a whole pile of bull terriers tumble out of a festive holiday bag that probably contained something boring (undershirts) before it contained puppies.


via Buzzfeed

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This is PRECISELY the reason I volunteer at the local shelter; they regularly request that volunteers come in and help "socialize" puppies, which means PLAY WITH THEM. Yesterday I got to play with a husky mix and the most ADORABLE great dane/lab mix who was all legs and sweet goofiness!