A woman in Canada who was pregnant with quintuplets shocked both hospital staff and her boyfriend when it turns out she wasn't pregnant at all. With any-lets. I've heard of faked cancer, faked weddings, faked girlfriends who live in Canada who were met "at summer camp," but this. This is powered up fakery.

According to the New York Daily News, a month after meeting Paul Servat via a dating website, Barbara Bienvenue told him that he'd gotten her pregnant with not one, not two, not three, not four, but five fetuses. Five little Servats just hanging out in her uterus, just waiting to face the world.


The community was delighted with Bienvenue's news, too, showering her with support and advice for her impending brood of five. But then, during her ninth month of pregnancy, Bienvenue went to the doctor only to have the doctor tell her that she actually was pregnant with zero babies.

Bienvenue's boyfriend, who says he had picked out names for all 5 of the babies, was understandably upset. He returned all of the gifts the couple had been sent and hasn't spoken to Bienvenue since. Bienvenue is undergoing a mental health evaluation.

Like an episode of House too weird to be believed, Bienvenue may have had one of those pregnancies where a person convinces themselves that they're pregnant and so their body acts pregnant (it's called pseudocyesis). And according to one of her relatives who was reached for comment by a Quebec news organization, this isn't the first time Bienvenue has tricked people into thinking she's with child.

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