Newsflash: Skinny People Are Born That Way

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You know how some people can eat and eat and eat and never gain a pound? They have their DNA to thank (duh!). Scientists have discovered the "skinny" gene, reports MSNBC. It all started 50 years ago, when a Yale graduate student was studying fruit flies. She noticed that some were skinny while others were fat. We have no idea what the hell a skinny fruit fly looks like, but it somehow makes perfect sense that a woman discovered this. Her study was forgotten for a while (of course!) but recently, scientists borrowed some of the descendants of the featherweight flies, singled out the gene responsible for their lower weights and tested it in worms and mice.

Mice engineered to have efficient versions of the adipose gene were much sleeker than normal counterparts. In fact, they had one-third the body fat of wild mice.

"That would be a big difference in humans," explains [the scientist]. "The average woman has about 25 percent body fat. Reducing that by a third would take her down to about 9 percent. That's super lean — a supermodel kind of thin."


Although some sort of "obesity pill" is a long ways off, can you imagine what kind of world we would live in if everyone had 9% body fat? Like if this scientist went nuts and created a world of supermodels? Also, what would become of the idea of fat? Because when the general population is superthin, how can a person stand out? Would heavy be the new hotness?

Scientists Discover 'Skinny' Gene [MSNBC]



Perhaps I am dense... science was never my strongest subject... but isn't this just common sense? If your parents have a large bone structure and your entire family is heavy [I'm not saying fat but just... god for lack of a better word, sturdy]then aren't the odds that you're not going to stick thin? Likewise for the stick thin people, and the rest who fall somewhere in between. I'm not saying its exact but I look at my family and we all kind of have the same build, similar height and structure.

Then again groups that breed within certain parameters... for Indians that does not mean inbreeding, thats a social taboo, but breeding within certain sub-castes or what not, couldn't that lead to the same traits presenting themselves over and over? Which could seem to be a genetic componant or a 'fat' or 'thin' gene?