News from my alma mater! They're naming a building after the late gossip columnist Claudia Cohen, who a dropout has no business mocking for majoring in Communications. Anyway some students are pissed. "I, as an academic, am accustomed to seeing buildings with names like Newton, Copernicus, Darwin," says a chemistry major named Ponzy Lu, adding: "Then to see the name of this person, who is very fresh in our memory, who is not associated with a pursuit of knowledge - a gossip columnist: it strikes me as being totally idiotic." Um, babydoll, this feels redundant to be telling someone named after the inventor of the pyramid scheme, but did you notice Penn doesn't really like the names of its facilities to be associated with the pursuit of things other than money? (Or did you just assume the guys behind the Lehman Brothers Quandrangle were an early order of learned monks?) Anyway, I personally think the Claudia Cohen building represents a great stride, which is to say, one of their mogul graduates officially abstained from treating his ex-wife like shit! I eagerly await a Barkin dining hall. [NYT]

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@SouriezLaJoconde: I'm about to start at one of the graduate schools at Penn, and I was really wondering why anyone would care. Not because of apathy, but because really, is it that big of a deal what the building's name is? It's not like they are naming the school after a dictator... she was a socialite, so what?