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News At 10: Lindsay Lohan Really Loves The Box

Illustration for article titled News At 10: Lindsay Lohan Really Loves The Box
  • Now that she's blazed a trail through young Hollywood's most eligible male heirs, club-happy Lindsay Lohan may be shacking up with lesbian DJ Samantha Ronson. [PerezHilton]
  • Will Smith is apparently the most powerful actor on the planet. In other news, Posh 'n Becks quest for U.S. domination may not be going so well. [LizSmith]
  • Candy Spelling pens an open letter to Larry Birkhead on how to handle the slings and arrows of fame. Rule No. 1: Make sure your hair looks perfect! [TMZ]
  • Yoga/animal-loving mogul Russell Simmons is selling his ostentatious NJ house for $23.8 million. Hopefully he'll unload his wife Kimora once and for all soon afterwards. [TMZ]
  • Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady go to church! Shop for groceries! [PageSix]
  • Former Miss USA Tara Conner is taking to the Hollywood lifestyle quite nicely, thank you. She's already moved in with a guy she met [PageSix]
  • Drew Barrymore and Spike Jonze. Still on! [WWD]

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