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Newly-Crowned Miss USA Makes Kids Cry

Newly crowned Miss USA Crystle Stewart dropped by Live! With Regis and Kelly this morning to discuss her win on Friday night and the way she tried to teach the other contestants about dedication and perseverance. Stewart says she also tries to spread the message of female empowerment to young girls through a business involving themed children's birthday parties. I'm not exactly sure how "Pageant Parties" and "Supermodel Parties" teach girls to love themselves and believe in who they are — especially since, as Stewart says, the Pageant Parties always end in tears — but whatever. Clip above.


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When I was growing up my school did this "Mother-Daughter Fashion Show" thing like straight out of that episode in 90210. I never ever ever got the appeal. Parties where we dress up like animals and play in the yard? Yes please. Parties where we put on shiny shoes and dresses we have to keep clean while we walk around and listen to clubby music? No thanks.