Newest Human Barbie Likes to Hunt, Is a Radical Right Wing Extremist

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America, meet Bunny Hunter! She's a rootin' tootin' (did I do that right?) country girl who prides herself on two things: looking like Barbie and making guns look good. And killing things. I guess that's three things. Four, if you count her collection of holsters for concealed weapons. Why isn't there ever a human Barbie who is just kind of chill?


Bunny (pretty sure that's not her real name) has a semi-popular Instagram, a semi-popular YouTube channel and is hitting the big time now that E! has found her. While she doesn't have a reality show yet, how long do you think it will be before someone named Bunny Hunter who claims to be from "The Gunshine State". (Guess which state that is.) (Guess.) (Yes, it's Florida!)

Here's Bunny telling you which holster goes best with an evening gown:

Aside from looking good in an evening gown, Bunny (Can I call you Bunny, Bunny?) also wants to help more women get into shooting and hunting in the hopes that they become more efficient in using firearms. And then? The sky's the limit! Aside from hunting, Bunny loves all things wilderness and is focused on "helping to restore this once proud land to that which was originally envisioned by our Founding Fathers." (I'm pretty sure we are at cross-purposes here.) (Although the Founding Fathers were pretty liberal for their time, right?) (And vampires, according to this one tour I went on once.)


According to The Daily Mail, Bunny is concerned about a forthcoming political uprising and thinks Miley Cyrus is a slut. Those were like their two most important bullet points about her. Also, she is single.

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Ok, wait. Someone explain this to dumb ole me: If Nicki Minaj is really cool and a woman speaking up for her right to be who she wants, why can't this woman? I mean, I do not find this woman particularly intriguing but it seems there is a bit of taking the piss going on here. But if we switch the photos and the names......there is quite a bit of Barbie shaming (my god, how I hate that word now!) going on, EXCEPT when it comes to Nicki. Really confused, but I suppose I am an old and can't keep up with the rules.

NB: I also don't get how she can call Miley slutty.....