New York's Hottest Fashion Week Accessory Is: Vapes

Nothing says “cool” and “fashion” like a vape, and the fashion label General Idea has been really leaning in to that century-old truism: for Men’s Fashion Week, they handed their aggressively bored models a key accessory.

As New York reports, “several [General Ideal] models carried polished chrome vaporizers made by the brand Innokin.” The label took their cue from “the inaugural men’s shows in July, where Richard Chai gave all the front-row attendees a Pax Vaporizer, and at NYFW in September, where Opening Ceremony teamed up with Pax to sell vapes at the Ace Hotel.”


Given the burgeoning popularity of vaping (hi Leo) and the United States’ gradual acceptance of pot smoking as commonplace, it’s not especially surprising that a sleek, gleaming vape pen would become a normal-ish accessory. But, New York notes, just because the runway models strutted with vapes in hand did not mean they could get a little stoned pre-show: “a model at Deveaux’s show on Monday was almost 86'd from the venue for vaping backstage.” Too bad.

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