New York Trans Woman's Death Being Investigated as a Homicide

Screen shot via Google Maps
Screen shot via Google Maps

While cisgender gay men selfishly and ahistorically attempt to distance themselves from trans causes, while bathroom bill after bathroom bill is introduced into various state Houses and Senates, while we live under the rule of a president who saw fit to rescind protections for transgender students, trans people are dying. Plain and simple. The tally of murdered trans people in 2017 looks poised to hit 10 as news broke today that the death of 59-year-old Brenda Bostick is being investigated by the NYPD as a homicide.

Bostick was found unconscious in New Fucking York, the East Coast’s supposed haven of liberalism and identity acceptance, April 25 around 10 p.m. near 29th Street and 7th Ave in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood (long known for its large gay population). She died last Thursday after being taken off life support.

According to the New York Daily News, witnesses saw a man approach Bostick and hit her on the head with a blunt silver object near the Five Guys burger joint on 7th, which provided security footage that captured the attack. Reports the Daily News:

Gabby Pareja, 23, the general manager at the Five Guys, said it was disturbing that no one intervened or stopped to see if Bostick was alright.

“It’s very bad this (happened) outside a store where a lot of people (were) walking (past),” she said. “You see the groups walking back and forth — it looks like there could have been something to save her. It’s crazy.”


This is the world we live in.

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What the fuck? in CHELSEA? I will say much, Chelsea has transitioned out of being a gayborhood for awhile now. It’s now Hell’s Kitchen, but Chelsea is still aily gay and that is FUCKED UP. .

I would also add that it sounds like this woman was randomly assaulted. Is this a hate crime - like, did he assault her because she is trans? Or is this a random attack? Or, most chilling of all, did he assault her, knowing that because she was trans people were less likely to care?

New York is weird. I have lived here my whole life and I have had people help me off the subway when I almost fainted, one woman offered to walk me up the stairs. I also had no one help me at all when a bunch of guys threw empty beer cans on my head.

I also once saw a man walking down the street with a huge wound on his head, and another man approached him and asked him if he needed help and waited while the ambulance came.