The City of New York is trying to outlaw the word "bitch." Next they're gonna try and outlaw the air you breathe. So a tally: first they take away our cigarettes, then they came for our racial epithets, then they came for our racially-charged sexist epithets, and then our trans-fats and now they're robbing us of the only word in the English language that can describe the act that someone is committing when she uses said word to describe somebody. It's madness, and the New York Times summons rock snobs, fashion twats and sundry other free speech crusaders to, um, bitch about it. Which reminded us of a word we saw on UrbanDictionary once:

cuntificate v. When a chick rambles on and on about bullshit.

Anyway, we hope that's a lesson to the state censors. You try to eradicate something harmful from society, and society thanks you by coming up with the crack rock of offensive slang.


Do us a favor, Councilwoman Darlene Mealy of Brooklyn, and try not to do anything drastic next time, like, you know, outlaw actually being a bitch.

(It's not gonna make that name of yours any prettier-sounding"

It's a Female Dog. Or Worse. Or Endearing. And Illegal? [NY Times]