New York Interviewer Accuses Vagina Book Author Of An "Anti-Waxing Slant"

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Nancy Redd is the author of Body Drama, a book about the female body that I looked at once for like 45 seconds before realizing that I don't actually enjoy looking at page upon page of naked vulva. So hang me, motherfuckers! I believe pubic hair was invented for a reason and that reason was to, well mostly to protect you from getting infections and also because I just don't need to see that shit up close, genitals are for exposing to small motorized devices and not for looking at so much, not that I have a problem with vadge, just that I think tits are way sexier, maybe because they excrete a much narrower selection of substances, are more symmetrical, something I should get therapy to work out. So anyway I'm reading through this Nancy Redd interview thinking, great, someone else out there in the world trying to make me feeling ashamed for not wanting to stare at vagina, when I totally got distracted by the question:

The book has a bit of an anti-waxing slant, don't you think?

Um, interviewer Tim Murphy, did you not catch the part where she said the whole project was about being "natural"?


Anyway you should read the whole thing because Nancy Redd is like twenty kinds of awesome, and she couldn't pick out her own vulva in the book, even though she used to get Brazilian waxes all the time so she should have a decent idea what it looks like, but she no longer gets Brazilians because it's unhealthy, etc. etc.

Nancy Redd Sees Vulvas Everywhere [NY Mag]

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

@sybann: Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

My hair grows fast and I did not want a Brazilian (I am lasered everywhere else) so you have just freed me from spending my ENTIRE LIFE in the bathroom.

Now I can go get some real work done.

P.S. What brand of trimmer do you find is good?