Over at the Daily News, my buddy Leah, a comely 26-year-old who regularly gets carded at bars, went to Botox purveyors to see if they would tell her she needed a little "freshening up." The verdict? Many of them told her she was due for some face botulism:

"For someone like you, who at your young age is already developing those lines, I think Botox would be reasonable," said Dr. Heidi Waldorf, director of laser and cosmetic dermatology at Mount Sinai, referring to the area between my brows. "Clearly you are a squinter or a squisher."


See, ladies? These days, we're washed up old hags before we hit 30! But that's nothing compared to the poor teens who are obsessed with getting labiaplasties because they think their junk is weird or inadequate. Time reports that, on the sex ed website Scarleteen, teens are "commiserating" about their labia, writing things like "i REALLY h8 mine! They hang really REALLY low and r SO long!" According to Time, the women of the New View Campaign, who protested Monday in New York outside the New York City's Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery, want those teens to know that genitals are like snowflakes: each one is different and beautiful! They're protesting labiaplasties and other vaginal cosmetic surgeries by wearing giant cloth vulva costumes because as NYU sexologist and New View leader Leonore Tiefer says, "Promoting a very narrow definition of what women's genitals ought to look like — even for those women who don't want surgery, it harms them." Botox - At Age 26? New York Doctors Weigh In [NYDN] Plastic Surgery Below the Belt [Time]

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