Not that they asked for our advice, but following the New York Times' example, we've decided to list those celebrities we'd most like to see made over in '09.

Given the sophistication and nuance of songs like "Ur So Gay" and "I Kissed A Girl" it's perhaps unsurprising that Katy Perry's look is equally rooted in gimmicks. But maybe if Katy started dressing like the lovely grown-up lady she is, she'd grow up a little? Yes, people do compare you to Zooey Deschanel, Katy, but they're thinking "...if Zooey was in a community theatre production of Gypsy." There are elegant and grown-up ways to do vintage (see Von Teese, Dita.)

Policies aside, Nancy Pfotenhauer's soccer-mom crop and weirdly severe getups have always inspired dismay. Some sofetr colors and a more updated 'do would do wonders!


We almost feel bad mentioning Perez' look - he's such a sad sack, albeit a mean-spirited bullying one. Clearly a lot of his antics stem from low self-esteem; maybe if he dressed like he respected himself more, this would carry over into other spheres of his life. Tailoring, tailoring, tailoring is the name of the game, Mario!


Stylista's Kate really grew on us. Which is why we're going to say this: Kate, it has nothing to do with money and nothing to do with victimizing you when we say that cleavage is not appropriate for the office. You're a lovely girl who could rock her curves in some Mad Men-esque daywear and you'll be doing yourself a big favor if you start letting people pay attention to your ideas.

Taylor Momsen is really standing in for a lot of her generation here, as this year saw a shocking number of little girls playing dress-up. Taylor, however, was a particular offender, morphing seemingly overnight from wholesome teen to sullen sex kitten, and making herself look absurdly young in the process. She should profit by the flawless example of costars Leighton and Blake, both of whom do youthful chic like nobody's business.


Strawberry Shortcake's tweeny makeover was one of the most disturbing of '08. Shortcake lost the freckles and curls, aged about seven years and morphed from a chubby little girl to a lithe Lolita. Our advice: make-under. Stat.


Phoebe Price is obviously a stunning woman who's made a career of dressing horribly. And she could really improve by - no, you know what? After her fashion she's unimprovable...and obviously knows what she's doing.

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