New Trailer for YSL Biopic Will Put a Spell on You

Put on your most expensive pair of defect designer shoes you bought on clearance at TJ Maxx because there is a new trailer for the Yves Saint Laurent biopic out.


This is a different movie than the one we saw a trailer for last year. By the way, sorry but this trailer does not give a shit if you don't speak French. The trailer had French subtitles, but the ghost of Yves Saint Laurent saw them and burst into a tirade, demanding they be removed at once. Then he called up Liza Minnelli and said "CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SHIT?" and she tried to soothe him by offering him a gin and basil gimlet, but he told her to ditch the basil because he was on a diet. The movie comes out whenever Anna Wintour decides Karlie Kloss is over.


Bears for President

I can't wait for the scene where he really, really hopes that he'll eventually inspire Kanye West.