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New Taylor Swift Video Must Contain Secret Message To Jake

Illustration for article titled New Taylor Swift Video Must Contain Secret Message To Jake

Though New York magazine insists "Back to December" is about Taylor Lautner, the hipster in this video looks more like Jake Gyllenhaal, and the dates mentioned roughly correspond to their romance. The only explanation: Now Taylor can predict future break-ups!

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I agree with Entertainment Weekly when they named it one of the best singles of 2010: The song is good enough without the celebrity tie-in. It's a new side of her.

That said, I knew the first time I heard it that she was writing about Jacob Black.

"Your tan skin, your sweet smile": Check.

"Your birthday came in February and I didn't call": Check. (Taylor turned legal the first week of February, NOT THAT I CARE ABOUT SUCH DISGUSTING THINGS)

"You held me in your arms that September night, the first time you had ever seen me cry": sooooo about the VMA's and the Kanye incident.

And now I will go back to the real world ....