New Tampon Reduces Risk Of Toxic Shock, Bacteria

Scientists have developed a new tampon that reduces the risk of toxic shock syndrome. What the hell took them so long? The new 'pons contain a fiber finish — called glycerol monolaurate — which decreases the production of the toxin that causes TSS. Supposedly this new miracle tampon also makes for a healthier vagina overall, as that fiber finish creates a protective bacterial balance. Johnson & Johnson, makers of Tampax, hope to have the new, safer tampons on store shelves soon. TSS came to the forefront in the late 1970s and early '80s, when several girls died from leaving their tampons in their bodies for too long. But it hasn't been much of a big deal since then. Like, have you ever heard of anyone getting TSS? It's almost like an urban legend at this point. Still, we're glad some scientists care enough about our vaginas to try and keep them healthy.

New Tampon May Cut Toxic Shock Risk [CBS News]


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