New Swimsuits Are Cesspools of Gross Germs

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Swimsuits are trying to kill you. Kidding. But they are loaded with germs. On The Today Show, Jenna Bush taunted Willie Geist with gold lamé swim trunks while breaking the news.


According to the Huffington Post, those removable sanitary liners aren't protecting you from any bacteria. Instead Dr. Philip Tierno, a clinical professor of microbiology and pathology at New York University's School of Medicine, found an array of grossness hanging around on bathing suits including skin, fecal and respiratory tract bacteria, along with vaginal organisms like yeast. Awesome.

And if you think shopping at, say, Bergdorf's will decrease the possibility that you come in contact with these germs, think again. Tierno says every store's swimsuits, underwear and intimates in general have the cooties. But there is one trick.

What did seem to matter, according to Tierno, was the skimpiness of the swimsuit. Though women are often advised to leave on underwear for added protection, many removed it so they could see how their new suit would actually fit. And the more revealing the swimwear, the more likely a woman is to remove her underwear before slipping it on. Some of the women in Tierno's research, perhaps bolstered by a false confidence in the liner's ability, even removed it. "Not everyone does that, but some women may not be aware that the strip is not as protective as they think," he said. "Sometimes they put them on backward, with the sticky side down. Other people may just take it off altogether, and [then] the garment is riddled with organisms."

Guys, my skin is trying to run away from my body in disgust.

Fortunately, most of us humans have Hulk-strength immune systems so we can usually fight off whatever may be lurking on swimsuits without falling ill. But still, keep your undies on when sampling swimwear — and wash before you wear.


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Truth be told, those same germs are probably on everything in the store. Including door handles and shopping carts.